Author Michelle Faith Lucas

Find Yourself Before You Define Yourself

Your Purpose:

  1. To be your authentic self
  2. To allow your Spirit to be born on this Earth
  3. To heal that which is not your authentic self

A part of our purpose is to heal a shadow that we’ve collectively created. This shadow hides our authenticity.  It hides our spiritual power. It hides our joy. It hides our beauty.  This purpose is often the reason behind our biggest challenges, especially those that replay in our lives. (Same challenge, different characters.)

This understanding of personal purpose was shown to me in a 1999 near-death-experience, at a time when I had been assisting hundreds of clients through my mediumship, medical intuition and Reiki Master teachings.  Every personal journey is a chance to bring an individual imprint of the Divine, as our spirits being born through our lives. This experience feels like love and your journey is a chance for this love. 



No matter the journey and no matter how far you feel off-course in life, Spirit guides you back to your authenticity. It guides you on how to heal. The issue is that many people don’t see their journey as one big map of guidance to their power. Instead, they see it as challenge after challenge until they’ve seemed to breathe the last bit of Spirit out of their existence. The truth is that the challenge is a part of your purpose to heal the shadow that holds you back.

I assist people in awakening to this truth. I assist people in a profound consciousness shift to reignite their Spirit into their life. One shift in consciousness can bring the healing that shifts an entire life, relationship or bank account. This is what I call transformational healing. It works with the consciousness of all aspects of our being, from physical and emotional, to soul and over-soul. Creating Forward, workshops and books (to be released soon) provides the shifts for this transformational healing.


Their are many ways to find the healing elements and the guidance within your journey. One way is to write about your journey. My 1st book, Elephants Never Lie, is a fictionalized memoir on a journey of emotional healing. This book will have at least two more in the series, with real-life memoirs of profound healing journeys.  If you would like to submit your journey for a chance to be a 1st-time co-author in an Elephants Never Lie book, please click HERE for more information.

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My books are not just to read about healing, they are a healing in themselves. My speaking is to heal those who are open to transforming. My energy sessions with medical-intuition are for energy balancing that allows the person to not only re-balance in body, mind and soul but also to remember their authentic selves so that the most powerful part of their being may be born. 

I write. I speak. I heal through presence, voice and words.

I write about personal-transformation, personal growth, the spirit world and the world of the persona that is squelching our spirits. I do this to empower others to use their soul as their primary guidance system.

I’ve been able to see into the world of spirits and masters for as long as I can remember. This was the world that comforted me during any traumatic times. The traumas made me clearly understand that I was retrieving my soul and becoming one with myself. For over a decade I did what is called ‘medical-intuition’ with Reiki where I could see into the body and also guide energy to correct the imbalance. Later I had a near-death-experience which gave me the full view of humanity and Spirit. Every person is a journey. Every journey, no matter how difficult or off-track it seems, is a chance to embody the Spirit of oneself.  Not everything is planned or necessary for the journey. We may get off of the path-of-ease; yet, even the different path has the same chances to embody oneself. This type of presence is love and freedom. Furthermore, when we make decisions that create more difficulty in our lives, our spirits try harder to come into our consciousness, making us so unhappy for our circumstances that we explore the possibilities that will lead to happiness, health, love and freedom.  

I now focus on group soul-healings, whether through books, seminars or inspirational events. I also offer personal sessions and one free, 30-minute, no-obligation, consultation on transformational healing per client. 

You can find me in Sedona, Arizona through e-mail: Michelle@Creatingforward.com or text: 928.963.1057

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Michelle is also an intuitive-healer for SedonaSoulHealers.com

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