Author Michelle Faith Lucas




Hello Everyone! I write about personal-transformation, personal growth, the spirit world and the world of the persona that is squelching our spirits. I do this to empower others to use their soul as their primary guidance system.

I’ve been able to see into the world of spirits and masters for as long as I can remember. This was the world that comforted me during any traumatic times. The traumas made me clearly understand that I was retrieving my soul and becoming one with myself. For over a decade I did what is called ‘medical-intuition’ with Reiki where I could see into the body and also guide energy to correct the imbalance. Later I had a near-death-experience which gave me the full view of humanity and Spirit. Every person is a journey. Every journey, no matter how difficult or off-track it seems, is a chance to embody the Spirit of oneself.  Not everything is planned or necessary for the journey. We may get off of the path-of-ease; yet, even the different path has the same chances to embody oneself. This type of presence is love and freedom. Furthermore, when we make decisions that create more difficulty in our lives, our spirits try harder to come into our consciousness, making us so unhappy for our circumstances that we explore the possibilities that will lead to happiness, health, love and freedom.  

I now focus on group soul-healings, whether through books, seminars or inspirational events. Did you know that books can be healing?  Read more about me here.