A Date with Destiny

It was April 2011 and the orders were clear. No one on our corporate project could be going on vacation. We needed to plan for yet another 6 months (turned out to be another 18 months) of constant work. Most people worked 21 days straight and then took off 2 or 3 days before returning to this manufacturing start-up. I commonly did 28 days before having a little break, which consisted of doing laundry and kissing my kids, cats and dog before returning to work.

I was thoroughly exhausted and went to my computer to get away from the grunge for a few minutes. The thought popped into my head that I have to do something for myself. When I thought about what that would be, I first thought of going to Machu Picchu yet quickly realized that I was in no shape to be hiking any mountain.

Then I said to myself, if I can’t go to Machu Picchu, then I’d want to go to Bali. Knowing for certain that I could not take 4 days off of work, let alone 4 weeks, I went ahead and booked the $3000 airplane ticket anyways! I was going to be gone for 4 weeks and the trip was booked within the hour of my thought.

Perhaps I had gotten to a place of not-caring what happened. Perhaps I wanted my employers to fire me, so that I would force myself to move to Sedona and do what I came on Earth to do. Either way, the next month was truly a date with destiny.

I booked a first stop in Cincinnati to watch my son graduate from high school. A couple of days later I would be at the airport terminal with my daughter, as our flights left within 30 minutes of each other. She was heading to Italy with a Student Ambassador group while I was leaving to the beloved Bali . My return flight would be through San Francisco, so I could then drive to Lake Tahoe and end my month of defiance watching my son compete in the Fencing Nationals.

What I did not know is how I would get away with this at work. Oddly enough, it never seemed to worry me. I just felt that it would all work out. Instead of concerning myself with the outcome, I flowed with the calling of my soul. I met Ketut Liyer, made internationally famous by Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray Love. He spoke only of my gifts, and especially the gifts of the “male and female wrinkles between my eyes” and my writing. So I went back into a natural state, a state of harmony, that had long been withdrawn from me since the day I stepped into the corporate world. I trusted the wrinkles between my eyes, that I was given a ‘code’ to attract a loving partner. I trusted my writing. I stayed on the beach long after each setting of the sun and I just wrote my heart and soul. I completed Elephants Never Lie. I forgot about the possibility of being fired upon my return.

After I had booked that $3000 plane ticket, with no turning-back, events began conspiring that brought about my freedom. A critical piece of equipment broke down.
And it broke down again and again. Everyone had their run at it. Not a single fix worked. Then, just one week prior to my flight, the company decided to bring an outside experienced team to get the equipment running. They told us to spend a week at home resting, and here is the big one….starting the day of my flight.

That day of rest came. As I walked out of work, the “experienced outside team” walked in. We waved to each other in the understanding that they would see me and my team back in one week.

Instead, I had a month of decompression, relaxation, inspiration, rejuvenation and then love. I delighted in watching my son graduate and in throwing him a big party, while I decompressed out of stress-mode. Two and a half weeks in Bali relaxed my mind and reignited my inspiration. Then finally rejuvenated by doing nothing but watch my son succeed in his art and enlivened by spending time with him on that wonderful, brutally cold lake, I re-embodied myself. I found love.

A month later I returned to work, after not having a single contact with that depressing and expiring part of my life. I quietly walked to the main doors, past hundreds of beefed-up trucks and squawking sounds of steam bursting from packs. And there they were. As I approached the main doors, the ‘outside experienced team’ was walking out toward the parking lot. We waved at each other. They had been working on the equipment for a month, not just one week. They had arrived the day of my departure; they departed on the day of my arrival.

I did not consciously know anything about these dates. The fix on the critical piece of equipment had taken a month. The Universe knew this critical piece of data for my purpose. The Universe had inspired me that day that I bought the ticket. The Universe and my soul had reminded me that the courage to do something for myself would ensure that everything worked out brilliantly for all involved.

Michelle Faith Lucas

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  1. Michelle-

    What a magnificent message and beautiful story. I’m deeply grateful you took the time to share it. I just picked this feed up in the thread on Twitter today and that’s how I found the article, I thought you should know. I’m still in the corporate world and just published my first book. My manager and I discussed it today. She wants to buy a copy for the whole team. Never saw that coming…

    My website’s not even done yet… moving forward with imperfect actions. I shared my landing page that will be an extension of my website when it’s done.

    Thanks again for the article!

    The UNIVERSE is Amazing!!

    I feel so blessed and I’m so grateful! 🙏🏼


    Bobby Kountz-

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