A Master Approaches

You know when a Master approaches because you feel at ease, you feel lifted, expanded and as if an overwhelming sense of peace has just descended from the stars. I define a master as a being who has mastered a part of being human to an extent that suffering has been transformed into peace AND that being has shared this with others so they too can master being human.

There are ascended masters, spirit masters (those who have not incarnated on earth) and there are masters walking upon the earth. And, to the disbelief of many, there are masters of specific Universal intelligence, and not necessarily Earthly intelligence, that assist humans, beings many call aliens.

Then there is you. If you have spent one moment giving the message of your soul to others, whether in word, deed, or just with your presence, you have taken on a moment of mastery. (There are also many non-verbal masters on the Earth currently, taking on bodies that others consider handicapped, but they are far from handicapped. They are here for you.)

Masters do not take from others and do not impose their points of view. In contrast, they honor the path of others and are on a path themselves of becoming the embodiment of Love. This is a state where they are completely present in the moment, merging body and mind to Spirit.

Some masters sit in silence, making pleasure and pain equal. Once there, they feel the flow of spirit within the dance of life and they find peace. In their speech they may speak of suffering as being a part of the human existence. I will not do this because I have been to the other side and came back to write about it, to give this message as seen from Spirit. Suffering was not in the plan. Many of us first inhabited the Earth as Light Bodies and over time, took on the physical body as the primary vehicle. There is no suffering and no lack when in the Light Body and we did not have to hide it from our consciousness. We were designed to keep the Light Body as not only the forms of communication with Spirit, but also as our primary guidance system as we swam among others in this journey called life.

Suffering came when we denied our Light bodies, and from my perspective from ‘the other side’, it is utter disbelief that we chose to deny our true selves and FALL into an illusion that we are bodies struggling to survive.

In my blogs and in my books, I focus on messages from the masters that I met while on the other side and masters that have shown their faces to me while I sat in my body, such as Jesus, whom I spoke of in another blog.

The infinite amount of messages that they have directly given me or inspired within in me is my message to you, messages to assist you in re-calling your Light Body.

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