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Michelle is an author and speaker in the field of healing consciousness to heal life. She is a lifelong medium, a former scientist and the founder of Creating Forward, A Course in Consciousness. Much of her teachings come from her near-death-experience where she saw that anyone can heal their life by breaking through the shadow of humanity and her mission is to help people do exactly that. Visit to learn more.

Born a psychic-medium, Michelle is passionate about the affects of the spiritual part of our existence upon our lives. An ancient Master from Lemuria, Wo-Chi-A, has guided her since youth on what it takes to heal the body, mind and soul, with the soul being the primary vehicle for true healing. It is this Master who guided her to Sedona, Arizona to complete the ancient teachings.

Michelle is a Traditional and Karuna Reiki Master, a medical-intuitor, a transformational healer, and author and speaker. For nearly 30 years she has assisted clients in releasing that which hinders them from their purpose, their passions and their soul. She assists them in meeting their spirit guides and in developing their own inherent intuitive and healing skills.

Michelle is the founder of Creating Forward, a transformational healing course that uses the powers of the mind, voice and presence to awaken the authentic being hiding within everyone. This work, which is to dissolve the shadow around the mind of humanity, was given to Michelle in a 1999 near-death experience, that you can read about in-depth in Creating Forward, Book 1.

Michelle also has a background in science, mathematics, quality assurance, safety and training. She spent fourteen years in research and analytical chemistry, including working and training with a Fortune 500 Company to round out her life.

Michelle now focuses on her passions, the ability of our spirits to heal our lives, through her books, workshops and teachings. Prior to leaving the corporate world, she spent a day with the medicine man Ketut Liyer (pictured above), made internationally famous by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, bringing his teachings on joy and laughter into her work.

You can read more about Michelle in her BLOGS.

Michelle is also a part of Sedona Soul Healers. Find out more at

Write your journey. A chance to be a 1st-time author & a co-author with me happens by submitting Your memoir

Elephants Never Lie is a book series on the shadow (Elephant) that holds us back until we wake up to it and heal it. The 1st book is largely my personal memoir on the painful emotional journey that I called my life. I had to write that book to understand the emotional weights that I was carrying. I found these weights to be from early childhood, a disconnect from self-love, inherited emotions and past-lives. Dissolving this shadow freed me and changed my life in a most beautiful and profound manner.

The 2nd book in the series will be published by March 2021 and will contain a memoir of a bold, highly-intelligent, non-profit owner who grew up being told that she was stupid and incapable. Long into her adult life, after suffering repeated emotional and verbal abuse, as a continuation of the shadow from childhood, she discovered that she had a very high IQ, dissolved the shadow and profoundly changed her life and currently is helping others to do the same.

If you have never been an author; and yet, you have a story to tell, one of going from broken to bold, healing the shadow and emerging a spiritual warrior, please submit your story to me with the guidelines below.

  1. You must be willing to write 5 – 8 chapters (~25,000 – 55,000 words) of your memoir.
  2. Your writing does not have to be perfect, as it will be edited.
  3. You will start by submitting a 1-page synopsis of your story as a spiritual warrior to:
  4. Each submission will be judged on story content, its power to positively affect people, and writing style.
  5. One submission will be chosen by June 21, 2020 for a book to be released in late 2021.

Embodiment of Love Part 2

Love is not a substance. Love is the experience of being completely connected to our Spirits to such an extent that we are able to freely give and express a truth so universal that everyone we touch feels the presence of their Spirits as well. In that state we know that all is well. In that state we embody the greater good for all and edge closer to greater possibilities.

Human-Beings are moving toward a state of the embodiment of love. They are moving into a state of complete connection with their Spirits; although, most human-beings are completely unaware that their life journey’s are designed to edge them closer to this state. By making this a conscious journey, the person edges closer to their natural state of bliss.

What stands in the way of this bliss? Everything not like the expression and consciousness of the Spirit stands in the way of bliss. Jealousy. Anger. Hopelessness. Fear. Beliefs in betrayal, unworthiness or pity. We cannot be betrayed. We are worthy beyond the mind’s wildest imagination. There is nothing to pity. The mind pities the condition that it sees before it, instead of seeing the beautiful and powerful soul experiencing the human-condition. To get out of the painful human condition, we must see the beauty and power that lies behind it and give strength to that, in order that we don’t strengthen the pain.

The mind qualifies into the humans experience exactly what it sees and believes. When we believe in beauty, self-worth and success, we become beauty, a vessel willing and able to accept the most worthy of possibilities and to exude the greatest of successes.

I met countless beings living the state of the embodiment of love during my near-death-experience. They once walked on the Earth. They overcame the human-mind that wished to qualify their experience as a fallen, repressed being without potential of complete bliss on Earth. They chose their inherent natural state of bliss and ascended to a dimension higher than the human mind currently witnesses. Yet, they can be seen by humans who choose bliss. Their message to humanity is to stop listening to the repressed mind of the collective conscious and start believing in your worth, your divinity and your purpose. Their message is to remember your authentic self, live your authentic self so that your mind, body and soul becomes light as a feather, ready and able to experience all possibility. Any thought that does not qualify the truth that you are worthy of unlimited love and powerful beyond measure is not you giving the thought. Those kind of thoughts must go to make space for your authentic self to blossom.

HEALING: Back Pain

My chronic back pain was healed through yoga and meditation 30 years ago. It was such a dramatic shift for me, one that didn’t require medical or instructor costs, that I must share.

Scoliosis and Spina Bifida and been one of my antagonists since an very early age. Severe stabbing pains in my side and back began keeping me awake some nights as early as the age of 11. It became abundantly clear that some sports activities greatly exaggerated this pain. Sports that pounded on my back, such as basketball or track, caused compression on my spinal column which sometimes so painful that I could not walk out of my school out of practice. I recall at least two times when classmates carried me out of the Junior High School to one of their nearby homes.

The pain and the inability to stick with many sports stayed with me through high school. At one point a back brace was suggested by a doctor. What teenage mind readily accepts living in a back brace? This teenager definitely did not. Chiropractic visits helped; yet, I was still caught off-guard many nights through college which became sleepless nights due to the awful pains that riddled my lower back and side.

Once out of college and working as a scientist, I hoped that the pain and sleeplessness would not interfere with my work. It did interfere. It interfered with how I felt, how I held hope, how I kept motivation in my mind and how much vigor I felt just to get to work and complete the day with excellence. It interfered with the way I was perceived.

As long as I could get through work without someone witnessing my flailing arms due to some type of electrical surge through my body, I felt I would make it in my job. Ever-so-often an electrical current surged from the bottom of my back upwards to my head and back down to its starting point. The pain was so obtrusive that I would lose control of my upper body. My arms would flail. My head would jerk. My mind shuttered. But, it was quick and the pain left almost quicker than it started. It was the embarrassment that bothered me the most.

The day I decided to take charge of this condition was the day I started to become free of this condition. It was the embarrassing flailing that urged me to make the decision. While placing quarters into a coke machine, a surge hit me. My upper body flailed like a drowning bird in a tsunami wave. It was quickly over, but I still had to turn around to loot at the colleague who stood behind me waiting his change to retrieve his own coke.

I made the decision at that moment. I would no longer allow this condition to give me such symptoms. The conditions of spina bifida and scoliosis might stay for awhile, but the symptoms of pain and flailing were going to leave. I had to become one with the condition. I had to take all of myself, my spirit into the source of my body to relieve it of its duties.

I began meditation that evening at the age of 21. I breathed into my body. I imagined Light coming in from my spirit into every crevice of pain in my body. I experienced a great relaxation within my body. My spirit said I could take this farther by moving the energy out of the ‘stuck’ spots by doing yoga moves while breathing and meditating. I breathed. I stretched. I brought the peace of my spirit into the aching parts of my body so they would relax and release. This practice released all of my symptoms, all of the pain. After 6-months of this practice, I never again experienced another symptom.

The key was in the understanding that energy is either moving or it is not. Gentleness to ourselves is required for the complete relaxation of the body. The presence of our spirits is required to remind the cells of our body to let go of its previous ‘condition’. My condition was healed through my spirit’s merging with my body. The cost was nothing. The reward was everything.

When We See Beauty, We Are Beauty [Part 1]

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She woke me mid-dream, while I was swallowed by the dark mist of despair over lost-love. Sara had just introduced herself in my dream. She had just showed me the secret to happiness.  Once I was awake and staring at her sitting silently at the foot of my bed, I received the keys to happiness into my conscious mind. 

Sara had graduated from the school that we call Earth long ago.  She awoke me to the understanding that Earth is not a school as so many say; and yet, is a chance to encompass more of our potential than what can be understood by the mind.  Sara no longer resides in the 3rd dimension Earth because she has already absorbed all of the beauty needed. Sara became light as a feather by absorbing the good and now resides in a higher dimensional plane of Earth to assist people who are searching for the beauty she calls forth in life. 

Sara embodies beauty because she chooses only the good. Good thoughts. Good choices for herself. Good choices for the all.  Worry, concern, pity and hopelessness are not words in her vocabulary.  Neither are the words ‘should’, ‘could’ or ‘maybe’ in her field of thoughts. Instead, Sara glides through a field of violets. Violets are the field of her perception; and therefore, is her experience.

Everything she views, she perceives from a higher mind. Every perception she chooses is in the knowing that everything we need was given to us already, and is being born through us. Therefore, she does not impose a will separate to that knowing; and therefore, everything she acquires is born through her by the knowing that it is already there. She took control of her perceptions long ago and appeared to me to acknowledge that it was time for me to do the same. We are in control of our perceptions and through our highest perceptions the best of all worlds are born.

This single shift in consciousness freed me. This single shift lifted me and brought to me more beauty, love, opportunity and bounty than I had previously perceived.  Beauty is a state of consciousness that frees us to live in a perpetual state of bliss and abundance. When we see beauty, we are beauty.

The Embodiment of Love

We are each on a journey to become the embodiment of love. It is a state-of-being in which people live in a dimension higher than ours. Imagine that this is our Heaven. Imagine that we are learning how to become this ‘Heaven’ through our earthly journeys. Imagine that this Heaven resides within and that every challenge we have is to remind us of this space and place. You have this Wisdom within you, this ability to be the Heaven that you wish to be. Let me guide you there as I explain my out-of-body experience to one beautiful corner of Heaven.

In a traumatic situation I left my body and traveled across space and time to see not only a piece of Heaven, but to witness our natural state. In our natural state the body and soul are one. We have forgotten this key element that heals all wounds.

When we are ‘in love’ we often describe a euphoria. I had a friend fall in-love on a cruise ship whose passengers were befallen with food poisoning. When the cruise ship made its early arrival back to shore, she was told that her and her boyfriend were one of the very few that did not get food poisoning. This ‘miracle’ or ‘coincidence’ or ‘luck’ was due to her being ‘in love.’

When we feel completely safe, we unknowingly allow the complete presence of our souls into our bodies. Unknowingly, we are overwhelmed with the connection to Source. We call this Love. We look at the other person and give descriptions to their looks or their kindness or their sense of humor; and yet, it is the feeling that matters and it is this feeling we want to hold onto.

We hold onto this feeling by keeping our soul present and we usually choose this state because we feel safe. As soon as we judge something that this other person has done to be unsafe, we unknowingly disconnect parts of our soul from our lives. This disconnection allows every type of disruption imaginable, including illness. I would guess that many people reading this have experienced a sickness simultaneous to a relationship break-up.

So, we experience a little bit of Heaven by falling in Love and we experience a little bit of hell by escaping from the essence of our being. It’s easy to blame the other person, but it is our only job in life to become the embodiment of Love. You’ve probably heard this exact notion as “Know Thyself.”

I attained infinite amounts of Wisdom when I witnessed those beings as already the embodiment of Love. One of the key understandings is how important each person is. You are extremely important to the Universe and to Heaven. I am speaking to your soul, the one that you often keep separate from your human-self out of fear. It’s not your fault. We’ve been handed lifetimes of consciousness of fear that have played out as every type of trauma that could happen to humanity. We are simply still tapping into it; and unknowingly, are still keeping ourselves apart from the one essence that heals all wounds.

Fill your heart with your soul. Be present. You are so very important as a part of the awakening and the balancing of this planet, and even Universe, that you are on a journey to become the embodiment of Love. Do not give yourself away.

There is a myriad of understandings and wisdom-teachings within this one principle. They touch much more than relationships and wellness. They touch mental and emotional health. They touch dealing with trauma and accepting each other and so much more.

I will blog more about this essence of healing and the details you can read in my upcoming 2020 books, The Creating Forward Series.


A nail in my tire. Leaking fluid around the engine. A home insurance bill that I forgot to pay; and therefore, my insurance had been cancelled. Not one ounce of me wanted to deal with these things. I had writing to do. I had to work. Make money. It was a dreaded day, a day that that led me to my own repairs.

First the nail. Driving to the tire shop I asked the Universe for support because my work, my writing had been going very slow. How will I ever make money when I’m moving at a turtle’s pace and having to deal with car troubles?

After 20 minutes of reading in the cold, stained chair of the tire-shop the lobby, the woman across from me spoke. She looked up from her knitting and called out to me, the unknown woman across from her. She said, “when you are starting out on a big project, you must go slow because any mistakes that you could make in a rush will go along with your entire project.” Of course, she was speaking of her knitting; yet, she was speaking to me.

After getting this message from the supportive Universe and after getting my tire fixed for free, since it was still under warranty, I headed to the insurance lady, with a drive ahead of me of about 28 miles with a climb of about 3000 feet.

The air was crisp and clean and the views spectacular. And, as usual, when I reached Flagstaff I turned left instead of going straight. Yet this time I kept driving, thinking that I’d eventually happen upon the insurance lady’s home. I got very off-track, at least that was my thought. I drove virgin ground to me. Nothing looked familiar, so I had to turn around. I took the chance at the 1st parking lot and lo and behold, it was a newspaper parking lot.

I had not reached out to any news agencies since publishing my first book. Three of my books laid on the back seat of my car, all intended to be placed in the mail to friends who had supported me during my journey to authorship. Could they have truly been intended for someone else? This thought carried in with me as I spoke to an editor. He took my book for review. The next thought that came to me was, “the next person who inquires about your book gets one of those books remaining in the back seat.”

I got hungry. I had to find my way back into town and forget the Insurance lady for awhile. Again, all turned around, I drove by a mechanic’s shop that I knew I couldn’t ignore due to the oil I believed may be leaking from my car. Their schedule was full, with no way of getting an appointment for my car. They gave me options, very pricey options. I replied, “I’m a newly published author. I don’t make the kind of money yet for those kind of repairs.” A lady waiting in the lobby spoke up. “I love books. What kind of books do you write?” So, you know where the 2nd of three books landed.

The manager of that mechanic shop was kind enough to spend 20 minutes with my car out in the parking lot. He had multiple flashlights, mirrors, sticks with mirrors and devices that I can’t describe. The leak was minor, nothing that needed to get fixed quickly. He and the shop refused to take any money from me.

I finally got the food I had been craving. I was in a better place to know how to get to the lady’s house. I almost passed it and slammed on my brakes. Several cars pounded their horns at me. But, I made it.

Once inside, and surrounded by her mounds of paperwork, the work of getting my home insurance renewed was painstakingly long. So I tried to make lots of conversation about the pictures on her desk and about any pets that she might have and about the brutal wind outside, speaking of the brutal cold pushing to creep in next.

She explained that she has much on her plate and insurance is only one of her jobs. She said she helps adult victims of childhood abuse. She said she helps people with low self-esteem, especially those who had been littered with bullets of fear in their childhoods. I tell her about my book and her head perks up from the computer. Her hands stop moving and her eyes turn toward me for the first time. “I’d love to use that book to help some of my people.”

Driving home with a bare back-seat, I make a quick swing into one of my favorite grocery stores. A thought arises that perhaps I should call a friend from back in Ohio who had attempted to call me while getting my first supportive message from the Universe that morning in the tire-shop. But, I couldn’t get out of my car to call because a lady stood against my car with her shopping cart. She’s on her phone. She turns to face me. She looks identical to my friend I’m thinking about calling. She even dawns an identical haircut. Once she has given me this unknown message and retreats, I call my friend. I shop. We laugh. She supports me and my book, completely.

I turn the wrong way leaving the grocery store parking lot. I notice a Barnes & Nobles bookstore. I quickly turn, hearing more honking horns. I don’t have a book to show the manager but he is able to pull it up in his system. And like that, my first book-signing is scheduled.

With such a supportive Universe around me, I couldn’t just rush back down the canyon and rush back home. I go to one of the most beautiful look-out points in America and just sit. I breathe in Mother Nature. I offer to take photos of couples. I meditate until the sun is about to set.

And passed by me was a day that I had dreaded. I forgot. I was completely at peace. I received the messages and the opportunities that the Universe provided from my asking. Every break-down is a chance for a repair. A repair of consciousness.

Honor: The Natural State of Relationships

Discord in the mental, emotional and physical bodies will remain until all relationships are restored to their natural state of honor.

I saw this from a much higher plane of existence when a diabetic attack catapulted me out of my body and on a journey that would give me enough lessons for a lifetime. This lesson on honor, which was actually a myriad of lessons within a giant lesson, is what I am on Earth to teach. I hope this blog helps you to re-establish your relationships in the state of honor.

Standing with millions of beings of Light, a Light not too distant from our own, I witnessed the reason that they had become beings of Light. They had once been just like our human selves and had taken a course of action that released them from suffering. First, they embodied Love. Love, is spirit completely in the body. Love makes us feel safe, makes us own our personal power and gives us the strength to continue moving upward on our journeys. When I met them, they were already the embodiment of Love. Therefore, there was no suffering. They were on an upward spiraling journey, at one with the expanding conditions of creation.

Suffering is the contracting part of creation. Fear, judgement and resistance puts us into a contraction mode, a state opposite to harmony in relationships.

For those beings of Light, being the embodiment of Love, they were able to see the highest path in every other being. This ability I call Honor and this ability is what humanity is striving to become. These Light-beings were at one ‘time’ physical, like humans. In their state of Light-bodies they are actively helping humans to take the upward spiraling journey, a journey that is destined to be taken. Until then humanity has unnecessary struggles.

The mental, emotional and physical are conscious networks for soul-expression. When clear, these channels work in their natural state and the individual is expressing their Divine Self. The person feels alive and happy, which attracts healthy partnerships. When the channels are not clear, it is difficult for the individual to witness the Divine in the other; and thus, they don’t honor the path of the other. Instead the person finds relationship challenges that give them ‘lessons’.

Furthermore, the discord in the relationship affects the mental, emotional and physical leaving the individual feeling ‘unsafe’ while in contraction mode. You might call it resistance, or running away, or anger. Whatever way you experience it, it is the unsafe feelings that keep the spirit from being completely in the body; and therefore, keep the being out of the true sense of Love. If the discord continues, the unhealthy state in which the individual acquires will eventually, and hopefully, compel the individual to find peace and restoration in their relationships. You see, no matter which path we choose, we will still be offered a chance to embody Love, which is a state of harmony, peace and freedom. However, continually choosing resistance just means continual ‘lessons’ or challenges to compel us back to our natural state of honor.

What if we let go of the discord and owned harmony? What if we just honored the path of the other? Since energetic information is constantly communicated in every relationship (down to the acquaintance relationships we might have with a bank teller or parking-lot attendant), if we share an energy based on fear, distrust or ego then we continue the path of separation from our divinity. Yet, if we keep our mental, emotional and physical bodies as clear as possible, and allow the sharing of the divine connection, harmony is the outcome. This type of communication is honor.

Having a complete sense of Self-Love, and staying clear with your soul-intentions, you will be able to see the Divine Path in the other. You will be able to allow that path for them, because it is working out for their highest good. As you make decisions that keep you feeling safe, and as you consciously decide to not be emotionally hurt by the other’s path, you will stand in the honoring of the Divine Plan. In this state your Light Body will step forth and will become your primary guide. You will begin responding to everyone in a manner that your Higher Self is responding to you. With gentleness. With Trust. With Light. And this information exchange within your relationship will begin restoring your being to your natural state of Divine Honor for your Amazing Plan Here on Earth!

A Master Approaches

You know when a Master approaches because you feel at ease, you feel lifted, expanded and as if an overwhelming sense of peace has just descended from the stars. I define a master as a being who has mastered a part of being human to an extent that suffering has been transformed into peace AND that being has shared this with others so they too can master being human.

There are ascended masters, spirit masters (those who have not incarnated on earth) and there are masters walking upon the earth. And, to the disbelief of many, there are masters of specific Universal intelligence, and not necessarily Earthly intelligence, that assist humans, beings many call aliens.

Then there is you. If you have spent one moment giving the message of your soul to others, whether in word, deed, or just with your presence, you have taken on a moment of mastery. (There are also many non-verbal masters on the Earth currently, taking on bodies that others consider handicapped, but they are far from handicapped. They are here for you.)

Masters do not take from others and do not impose their points of view. In contrast, they honor the path of others and are on a path themselves of becoming the embodiment of Love. This is a state where they are completely present in the moment, merging body and mind to Spirit.

Some masters sit in silence, making pleasure and pain equal. Once there, they feel the flow of spirit within the dance of life and they find peace. In their speech they may speak of suffering as being a part of the human existence. I will not do this because I have been to the other side and came back to write about it, to give this message as seen from Spirit. Suffering was not in the plan. Many of us first inhabited the Earth as Light Bodies and over time, took on the physical body as the primary vehicle. There is no suffering and no lack when in the Light Body and we did not have to hide it from our consciousness. We were designed to keep the Light Body as not only the forms of communication with Spirit, but also as our primary guidance system as we swam among others in this journey called life.

Suffering came when we denied our Light bodies, and from my perspective from ‘the other side’, it is utter disbelief that we chose to deny our true selves and FALL into an illusion that we are bodies struggling to survive.

In my blogs and in my books, I focus on messages from the masters that I met while on the other side and masters that have shown their faces to me while I sat in my body, such as Jesus, whom I spoke of in another blog.

The infinite amount of messages that they have directly given me or inspired within in me is my message to you, messages to assist you in re-calling your Light Body.

“Elephants Never Lie”

Sedona healing author



One Woman’s Inner Journey to Release the Emotional Weight

With a feeling of ‘I can’t contain myself for such excitement!’, I just published my first book, Elephants Never Lie. It is a fictional novel about the empath Rebecca, a woman who over-does for others and has become so lost in despair that she has lost her way to happiness until she decides to write her own memoir. Writing her own story uncovers layers of pain and a subconscious mindset that holds her back so deeply that she falls into a past-life to learn more about herself and societal programs that lock us into suffering. To free herself from the unconscious hold of the past-life and from despair, Rebecca must own her gifts and find the inner determination to live a life based on her unique gifts without taking on negativity from others.

Please know that this book is based on real events and on a real transformation from broken to bold. This journey of consciousness is for those who are also on a spiritual path and looking within themselves for the keys to happiness.

Rebecca’s journey within herself and across worlds unlocks spiritual truths that awaken her out of despair and frees her into a life of love. The intention of the book is to do the same for the readers.

Elephants Never Lie relays true visits from loving beings and masters from other dimensions and my 1999 near-death experience in the hopes that the story, the love and the truth unlock the readers from any despair that they may be experiencing and motivate them to awaken their unique gifts in an act of self-love.

I’ll end by answering the question that so many people ask, “What is the elephant?”

The elephant is the subconscious and unconscious mind built up over lifetimes. It is hidden beliefs that we are not worthy of the absolute best or that suffering is normal in humanity.  These beliefs are our shadows that dim the light to our powerful selves. The ‘elephant’ is the consciousness of humanity that wants to keep individuals repressed, depressed weak and broken. It is a consciousness that allows people to take our power. It is time for the female within each being to reclaim their inner gifts and power. It is time to release the elephant.


Elephants Never Lie Book Trailer

Being Self-Contained

Self-containment is keeping your soul in your body, a state which you are completely aware of guidance system of the soul. Self-containment is owning faith and owning your own unique universal vibration in the face of all of the activity, ideas and responses from others.

Any type of fear (worry, angst, despair, etc) is a deterrent to self-containment. We have become so used to fear that we believe it to be normal. Fear is not normal, except for the simple fight-and-flight type of survival. Fear is something humans do to each-other, although usually unintentionally. When someone gives you something to worry about or makes you feel that you are not good enough, they are instilling a reason for you to separate and be dissociated from your own soul. They are taking your power; and again, they are likely doing this unintentionally. They take your power to keep you weak because they own a fear themselves. When you give yourself to their beliefs that are imbued with a fear themselves, you become dis-embodied which is the basis of losing your self-containment and inherent guidance system.

Having a central nervous system that is a grand antennae to the Universe, humans extract information from their environments. Unfortunately and fortunately for humans, their environments are a myriad of microcosms and macrocosms of data. Within each person are infinite systems communicating to one another. T-cells, enzymes, entire networks of immune cells, hemoglobin and entire networks ensuring that blood is effectively pumped throughout the body are just a minutiae of the microcosms that support the macrocosm, the human being.

Furthermore, in what appears to be outside of the person is another infinite system, worlds of data exploring itself to know itself. Plants, animals, rain, humans, medicine, business, plane tickets, bus rides, presidents, monarchs, computers, planets, stars, solar systems, cosmos speak to you. How magnificent it is that we get to experience these worlds, worlds that unlike the microcosms within our bodies, have their conscious hold on our 5-senses. Like the biological systems that support the body, every consciousness in existence, like yourself, is supporting the macro-cosmic universe. As you don’t tell your heart to pump, neither does the universe tell you to do your job. You are doing your job by being the unique you; yet, it is when you are holding the energies of others, when you are doing their jobs, that you have become lost in the data. To be human is to be divine. And to be human is to be an explorer. Exploring your own soul by experiencing life is the essence of self-containment. Believing in non-supportive feelings and ideas of others is going outside of yourself, a sure way of getting lost from internal guidance. Experiencing life while holding firm to your uniqueness, an imprint forever etched in the mind of the Universe, is the essence of feeling alive, energetic and self-contained.

The product of self-containment is the solid life.

With an information system so intimately vast and electrical, and a soul with its own determined will, the human has every way imaginable to get guidance on making them a happier, healthier and a more productive being. And, with an information system so intimately vast and electrical, the human has every way imaginable to get lost from the determined will of the soul.

The self-contained life is a life led only on the principles of inner-guidance.

Now this inner-guidance can seemingly come from without, such as a missed bus ride that led you to meet the manager of a recording studio to cut your first album. Yet, this is not coming from without. Humans are one within this vast electrical Universe, and entwined in such a perfection that every possibility of success has already been determined and is only waiting for you to line up with the gifts already determined for you.

You see, to live is divine. To thrive is to cooperate with the Universe and with each other. The manager who will cut your first album also had that knowledge within to be at that bus station at exactly the right time, and acted on that inner knowledge. Acting outside of that knowledge would have set your recording deal on another time-line. Acting outside of that knowledge is picking up the work of others, it’s picking up vibrations that do not support you, that do not support your greatest good and do not support that amazing jazz album that finally became a hit when you matched your vibration to its success.

Self-containment is the ability to stay within your unique vibration in the Universe, which is the only true job that you have, because it is when we are all doing this job that the Universe is in balance and the Earth thrives. Searching for answers from others, comparing yourself to others, worrying, or concerning yourself about the reactions from others are all acts outside of self-containment. Taking authority of how you feel, making decisions that are in your highest good and saying ‘no’ to others who attempt to place their burdens on you are all acts of self-containment.

I could propose many methods of getting back to your self-contained life, and I’ll give you this one to start. Today, go outside. Today, go look at the beauty of nature. Get up close to nature and look deeply within her structure, such as the veins in a leaf. Tell her how beautiful she is and own that feeling of beauty in your heart and soul. You’ll begin the process of eliciting only beauty in your feelings, words and deeds.

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A Date with Destiny

It was April 2011 and the orders were clear. No one on our corporate project could be going on vacation. We needed to plan for yet another 6 months (turned out to be another 18 months) of constant work. Most people worked 21 days straight and then took off 2 or 3 days before returning to this manufacturing start-up. I commonly did 28 days before having a little break, which consisted of doing laundry and kissing my kids, cats and dog before returning to work.

I was thoroughly exhausted and went to my computer to get away from the grunge for a few minutes. The thought popped into my head that I have to do something for myself. When I thought about what that would be, I first thought of going to Machu Picchu yet quickly realized that I was in no shape to be hiking any mountain.

Then I said to myself, if I can’t go to Machu Picchu, then I’d want to go to Bali. Knowing for certain that I could not take 4 days off of work, let alone 4 weeks, I went ahead and booked the $3000 airplane ticket anyways! I was going to be gone for 4 weeks and the trip was booked within the hour of my thought.

Perhaps I had gotten to a place of not-caring what happened. Perhaps I wanted my employers to fire me, so that I would force myself to move to Sedona and do what I came on Earth to do. Either way, the next month was truly a date with destiny.

I booked a first stop in Cincinnati to watch my son graduate from high school. A couple of days later I would be at the airport terminal with my daughter, as our flights left within 30 minutes of each other. She was heading to Italy with a Student Ambassador group while I was leaving to the beloved Bali . My return flight would be through San Francisco, so I could then drive to Lake Tahoe and end my month of defiance watching my son compete in the Fencing Nationals.

What I did not know is how I would get away with this at work. Oddly enough, it never seemed to worry me. I just felt that it would all work out. Instead of concerning myself with the outcome, I flowed with the calling of my soul. I met Ketut Liyer, made internationally famous by Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray Love. He spoke only of my gifts, and especially the gifts of the “male and female wrinkles between my eyes” and my writing. So I went back into a natural state, a state of harmony, that had long been withdrawn from me since the day I stepped into the corporate world. I trusted the wrinkles between my eyes, that I was given a ‘code’ to attract a loving partner. I trusted my writing. I stayed on the beach long after each setting of the sun and I just wrote my heart and soul. I completed Elephants Never Lie. I forgot about the possibility of being fired upon my return.

After I had booked that $3000 plane ticket, with no turning-back, events began conspiring that brought about my freedom. A critical piece of equipment broke down.
And it broke down again and again. Everyone had their run at it. Not a single fix worked. Then, just one week prior to my flight, the company decided to bring an outside experienced team to get the equipment running. They told us to spend a week at home resting, and here is the big one….starting the day of my flight.

That day of rest came. As I walked out of work, the “experienced outside team” walked in. We waved to each other in the understanding that they would see me and my team back in one week.

Instead, I had a month of decompression, relaxation, inspiration, rejuvenation and then love. I delighted in watching my son graduate and in throwing him a big party, while I decompressed out of stress-mode. Two and a half weeks in Bali relaxed my mind and reignited my inspiration. Then finally rejuvenated by doing nothing but watch my son succeed in his art and enlivened by spending time with him on that wonderful, brutally cold lake, I re-embodied myself. I found love.

A month later I returned to work, after not having a single contact with that depressing and expiring part of my life. I quietly walked to the main doors, past hundreds of beefed-up trucks and squawking sounds of steam bursting from packs. And there they were. As I approached the main doors, the ‘outside experienced team’ was walking out toward the parking lot. We waved at each other. They had been working on the equipment for a month, not just one week. They had arrived the day of my departure; they departed on the day of my arrival.

I did not consciously know anything about these dates. The fix on the critical piece of equipment had taken a month. The Universe knew this critical piece of data for my purpose. The Universe had inspired me that day that I bought the ticket. The Universe and my soul had reminded me that the courage to do something for myself would ensure that everything worked out brilliantly for all involved.

Michelle Faith Lucas

Dakot-A & Past Lives

Dakota: “Ally” A: God Dakota: An ally with God

I grew up not knowing I had the skin of an Irish girl. I was certain that I was Native American. My young brother once cracked a Native American joke at the dinner table and I was so very offended. I looked at what I thought was my dark skin and almost burst into tears. I thought, “how can he say such things about his sister?”

Much of my life has just been emotional memories of previous existences. I remembered and dreamed about my past lives constantly, but had no idea what they were. They were just a part of this reality.

And of course there were the hundreds, if not thousands, of Native American spirits running around my house and land day and night. I liked them. I connected to them. I understood them. They had a passion for Mother Earth. They listened to the spirit of the land and I felt they were right for doing so.

And there, within me, was this underbelly of anger towards white people and a deep sense of betrayal that I feared from white people. I later recalled being shot in the back as a Lakota by a white man whom I believed that I befriended. I fell off a cliff and was alive until I hit the bottom of the canyon. I could not believe he could betray an open heart.

I died feeling betrayed. Betrayal became a theme in this life. Falling, loosing my grasp and standing near a ledge has always been a secondary theme.

Then there is another reason I connect so strongly with Native America. Here is an excerpt from my book Elephants Never Lie:

“Native Americans often stood by my bed as a child.  Once, around the age of 9, as I lay awake in bed with my common insomnia, a Chief and his apprentice appeared in my room.  The Chief, with sharply angled cheek bones and unyielding dark eyes, raised his staff and struck it to the ground saying, “You will. Michelle, you will.”  After a moment of staring at me, ensuring that I got the message, they just evaporated. The spoken word was power.  The power was in the message.  I knew without explanation that one day I would take on a spiritual cause.  And, without doubt, it would be done.  I would not die without this task being completed. 

The chief has stayed with me over the years.  I’ve seen him several times.  His name is Wochea.”

WO-CHI-A To be-Life Force-With God

I now understand that he is an ancient master from a time of possible Lemuria and has ‘genetics’ that exist today as Japanese and Hopi.

The moral to this story is that we carry emotional memories in our cells from previous lifetimes. This is because the wounded soul sparks this memory in the body so that we will heal it once and for all.

When reoccurring circumstances occur in our lives, even though it is different characters, the story is the same. This pain or sadness is our healing. It is our calling to retrieve our souls from traumas of distant times. My deep love for who I felt I really was, a Native American, did make me run away from friends who made me feel different than this. It’s made me always run from this world. I walked away when the slightest scent of betrayal wafted into my air.

Yet, my memories also inspired me to name my children after the people of my tribe, Dakota and Cheyenne.

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Michelle Faith Lucas


I was 27 years old and having a very difficult and tiring pregnancy with my soon-to-be daughter Cheyenne. I was feeling particularly sorry for myself one day while lying in bed with my 1-year old son, Dakota, who was scooting around on the bed.

My only desire was to get out of bed and do my ‘work’. Not only did I feel responsible for how many felt and I wanted to help them with energy healings, I definitely was financially strapped and needed the money.

So there I lay in bed crying and complaining that the Universe is not supporting me.

To my surprise a bum appeared at the end of my bed. He wore a tattered robe and a grungy beard, his face dirty. I yelled out with serious disappointment that I had now attracted a bum as a spirit guide!

If I hadn’t already felt bad enough for myself, my self-pity just increased ten fold. I had grown up with what I call ‘big energies’ from the spirit-side, with guides along my side that I consider masters. And now, there was this bum.

I cried harder. He responded, “Michelle, I am a carpenter.”

That meant nothing to me and I continued to cry. He stepped closer and repeated, with a gentle smile that he was a carpenter.

At that age, with a lifetime of disliking Christianity and seriously questioning if Jesus really existed, I was shocked to see who this Being was when he took his last step toward me and locked his beautiful eyes to mine.

His message to me was to never have self-pity and that my ‘illness’ was a reminder of humility. He said that one of the first steps in becoming a true healer was learning humility. And then he vanished.

It did not matter that I had never believed in him. It mattered that I loved and that is the field in which he exists, a field of overwhelming Grace. He does not see hate or anger or blame, he just moves toward love and grace, and assists in awakening those who have turned their consciousness away from this field.

Click and Clack

It was December 2013 and I had just arrived home from a lengthy stay in Sedona. I often had expected an ‘experience’ in Sedona only to find that it was once I had left ‘Lemuria’ and got on grounded ground that I would have the experience. This time was no different.

I awoke the morning after my flight to be in a lucid state. Beside my bed was a very tall masculine being. 7 to 8 feet high. Harmless and riding in the field of intelligence/information, and definitely not emotion.

I was a little disappointed. I said ‘damn’ to myself! I’ve encountered so many spirits, spirits that so many others seriously discredit their possible appearance, and here again was not only a spirit, but a spirit from a dimension unlike humans.

I said to him “Why can’t you appear when I’m with other people so that they can see you as well? Until you show yourself to others, those others could think that I’m crazy.”

He responded via ESP and I heard him clearly. He said “we are going to show ourselves and many people will be aware of us.”

I got excited and yelled “when????”

That question threw him off. There is no time in his dimension. Yet, I demanded an answer to my question.

This is when I felt I should call him ‘Click & Clack’ as he would give no name. He decided to try to answer my question and to do so he had to get into the Earth’s time-space continuum. He raised his arms shoulder-height, closed his eyes and molded a bit into space-time lines that circle the Earth. While he did this, his mouth clicked and clacked.

He gave a first answer, “March 2014”

Since I was lucid it took me a moment to realize that this date wasn’t far away. “That’s only 3 months away!” I responded. “Of course I want to tell my friends and clients and I hope I don’t look stupid come April of 2014. Where on the planet will they land?”

“We will take an aircraft from your skies and you will never find it.”

Days later, at that little holiday gathering that I threw for friends and clients, I relayed the message. “Click and Clack said that an airplane will disappear in March 2014 and that we’ll never find it.”

But, Click and Clack did say much more days before, details that I was too fearful of relaying without handing over proof of their reality. He said that the world will also see an aircraft from what we call ‘outer space’ in the year 2017.

And his emotionless communication continued on more of the purpose of such visits. He explained, with ESP of course, that humans don’t know who they really are, that humans spring from a collective Divine and of course they affect that collective Divine with their consciousness. He said that humans are too focused on doing instead of becoming and that now the call to awaken the collective consciousness has never been stronger.

He said that in the 1900’s the collective consciousness began tapping on the veil of super-consciousness, of the spirit-side. He said that the December 12th, 2012 galactic alignment and end of precession of the Earth’s axis was a call from the Universe to humanity for a collective awakening. He continued with a strong emphasis on the year 2017 bringing forth proof of extra-terrestrial life and the year 2024 as the time that humans will no longer lean into the Light but step consciously into the Light and that their cellular memories of their Divinity will light up.

When I awoke I typed up a journal on this meeting with Click & Clack and later gave it to several friends and clients, in the hopes that they would have experiences in March 2014, 2017 and 2024 that proved that Click & Clack really did visit me, which would further substantiate all of the teachings that I had instilled in them over the years that had been passed to me by others in the Earth-Master or ET realm.

Then on March 8th, 2014 as my class was coming into my home and settling down to meditate, I was silent. I waited for one of them to link the plane that had gone off the radar in Malaysia earlier that day to the prediction by Click & Clack. None had made the connection. That was all well and good though, and I just gave them a simple reminder that this is the plane that will never be found and that I believe it was actually a Divine Intervention for the greater good of humanity.

The year 2017 dragged on for me as I looked at the news every day hoping to see a big ET landing. It wasn’t until with only days left in the year and on my birthday that I saw the article with the giant ‘asteroid’ that was the object of Click & Clack’s communication. I know nothing other than the little he said to me and that my inner knowing says that this is definitely an ancient space ship. Read more here:

Finally, to perhaps the most important message from Click and Clack. He said that both the 2014 and 2017 events would be made into movies and that the Pleiadians are influencing Hollywood to get the best message through to humans. He said that these 2 movies will be such a grand influence to the next generation of children, that they will be the ones to stop the destruction of humanity and its planet.

Welcome to My Winding Road, a Journey with Spirit

Iceland Winding RoadThe path may be long and winding, yet ushers us to our greater good! We are not living a journey; we are the journey.

You are a journey. You are being born into greatness. Each moment is a chance to take that step into who you are to become. Each moment is a chance to give birth to another bit of our authentic self.

Words can’t describe the immensity of truth that I saw in my near-death-experience, yet I try to put this into words so that the truth wins.

Ego wants to steal our chance to step into greatness. It does not want us to remember from where we come.  It does not want us to become great because it will die. The ego is not a single creation of one mind, one person. The ego was created by the collective consciousness and we have each tapped into a piece of it, identifying with it and believing in its repressiveness. Let go of what does not serve you. If the path is winding, it’s winding.  Whatever shows up is still the chance to remember the Light that you are.

My blogs are to remind people who they truly are. Spirit. My blogs are to help individuals remember their greatness. My blogs are to help get the ego out of the way so that the path clears and the curves straighten. My blogs are to remind that we are in control of the path.

This blog is a start. It’s a bit about my winding road. I hope you recognize some of yourself in it.

I wrote my first book while working 80 to 100 hours per week in the corporate world.  My heart wanted to put the workings of my soul into words.  My ego wanted to make money.  Therefore, I did both while yearning to move to Sedona, Arizona where I could write and heal, write and heal, write and heal.   I did move to Sedona and instead of writing and healing, I worked.  Well, Sedona forces the healing, the ‘waking up’ whether a person is doing their soul-calling or not. So, I have been healing, but now I’m focused on only the workings of my soul. As I do this, I’ll watch the Universe bring the money to be able to eat at the restaurants that my ego loves.  And, I’ll watch my ego diminish so that I have space to blossom.  These blogs are my ramblings of amazing events of the past, present and future that are the weaving of the Divine.  There is no separation between us and the Divine. We can either choose to retract and feel needy or fearful, or we can step up and claim the energies of the Divine weaving through us. This weaving got me here now, brought amazing beings into my life, from 3rd dimension and higher, and some day I’ll see my winding road as an airplane runway.

It all started where I grew up, in a small town north of Cincinnati, Ohio called Waynesville.  Waynesville may be the most haunted town in Ohio, as one book sites over 30 haunted houses, yet it doesn’t mention the house in which I grew up.  In retrospect, the ground on which my childhood home sat seems like a portal.  ‘Hauntings’ and the presence of other-wordly beings was almost daily.  Well into my teen years I had to sleep with all of my bedroom lights on, plus the stereo and the television just to drown out the noises of the spirits.  Some spirits were just attached to that land and living out some sort of life in another dimension. Yet some spirits were what I consider Masters (beings of a Light transcendent to the Earth) and it is these Masters that continue to drive me today.

I also had premonition dreams, especially of myself much later in life. Yet, the majority of my dreams were of places I had never seen before, not even on TV, such as cobblestone streets in little cramped villages not likened to the America in which I lived.  I later came to understand that the dreams were past-lives and mainly places and spaces in which I sort of left myself off.  Parts of me had become stuck from traumas in other lives.  Those traumas were being re-created in this life unconsciously in order to regain parts of myself.

One such issue was losing a kidney at the age of 11 and having severe back pain by the age of 13.  I refused to wear a back brace and instead decided to be done with all of these reoccurring pains in my 20’s.  I took up yoga and meditation and all symptoms were gone in 6 months. I became a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and a fire-walking instructor.   I had teachers for the Reiki, such as William Rand from the International Center for Reiki Training.  My teachers for meditation and yoga were only Masters in Spirit who would randomly make a guiding-appearance. 

So, my passion for healing from the inside out began.  My understanding of soul-healing is deep and universal since I went through it all myself with only help from the Masters in dimensions much higher than our own.

I have been doing Soul-Healing and Reiki for over 25 years and now focus on group-healing, especially through books and seminars. Elephants Never Lie has been published and two more books are in the works for 2020. Both titles will be revealed in early 2020. The Elephants series is fictional novels that lead people through emotions to untangle subconscious fears and return to freedom, the essence of soul-power. Each book in the Elephant series contains a true memoir of a person who has gone from broken to bold.

My winding road did include 14 years in science and research, with 11 of those years in the corporate world.  I appreciate that, as it taught me well.

And today from Sedona, I focus on leading others out of those dark areas of the consciousness that is hiding their inner light. I help them to get in touch with their souls, with their own Spirit and with Mother Earth through private and group sessions, writings, events and journeys.

I will end with the hearts of my heart.  I am a mother to 2 amazing adult children, a son and a daughter, many cats (all passed) and one dog (recently passed).  There is nothing more heart-warming than laughing with my children and of course watching them expand, grow, succeed and mainly LOVE. I live with the love of my life and soul-mate, a gentle, caring man who entered my life as described in Elephants Never Lie.

Thank you for reading about me and I send you all the best and Love on your spectacular journey! May all of the good that you have given others, be returned to you in spades!

Michelle Faith Lucas

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