Being Self-Contained

Self-containment is keeping your soul in your body, a state which you are completely aware of guidance system of the soul. Self-containment is owning faith and owning your own unique universal vibration in the face of all of the activity, ideas and responses from others.

Any type of fear (worry, angst, despair, etc) is a deterrent to self-containment. We have become so used to fear that we believe it to be normal. Fear is not normal, except for the simple fight-and-flight type of survival. Fear is something humans do to each-other, although usually unintentionally. When someone gives you something to worry about or makes you feel that you are not good enough, they are instilling a reason for you to separate and be dissociated from your own soul. They are taking your power; and again, they are likely doing this unintentionally. They take your power to keep you weak because they own a fear themselves. When you give yourself to their beliefs that are imbued with a fear themselves, you become dis-embodied which is the basis of losing your self-containment and inherent guidance system.

Having a central nervous system that is a grand antennae to the Universe, humans extract information from their environments. Unfortunately and fortunately for humans, their environments are a myriad of microcosms and macrocosms of data. Within each person are infinite systems communicating to one another. T-cells, enzymes, entire networks of immune cells, hemoglobin and entire networks ensuring that blood is effectively pumped throughout the body are just a minutiae of the microcosms that support the macrocosm, the human being.

Furthermore, in what appears to be outside of the person is another infinite system, worlds of data exploring itself to know itself. Plants, animals, rain, humans, medicine, business, plane tickets, bus rides, presidents, monarchs, computers, planets, stars, solar systems, cosmos speak to you. How magnificent it is that we get to experience these worlds, worlds that unlike the microcosms within our bodies, have their conscious hold on our 5-senses. Like the biological systems that support the body, every consciousness in existence, like yourself, is supporting the macro-cosmic universe. As you don’t tell your heart to pump, neither does the universe tell you to do your job. You are doing your job by being the unique you; yet, it is when you are holding the energies of others, when you are doing their jobs, that you have become lost in the data. To be human is to be divine. And to be human is to be an explorer. Exploring your own soul by experiencing life is the essence of self-containment. Believing in non-supportive feelings and ideas of others is going outside of yourself, a sure way of getting lost from internal guidance. Experiencing life while holding firm to your uniqueness, an imprint forever etched in the mind of the Universe, is the essence of feeling alive, energetic and self-contained.

The product of self-containment is the solid life.

With an information system so intimately vast and electrical, and a soul with its own determined will, the human has every way imaginable to get guidance on making them a happier, healthier and a more productive being. And, with an information system so intimately vast and electrical, the human has every way imaginable to get lost from the determined will of the soul.

The self-contained life is a life led only on the principles of inner-guidance.

Now this inner-guidance can seemingly come from without, such as a missed bus ride that led you to meet the manager of a recording studio to cut your first album. Yet, this is not coming from without. Humans are one within this vast electrical Universe, and entwined in such a perfection that every possibility of success has already been determined and is only waiting for you to line up with the gifts already determined for you.

You see, to live is divine. To thrive is to cooperate with the Universe and with each other. The manager who will cut your first album also had that knowledge within to be at that bus station at exactly the right time, and acted on that inner knowledge. Acting outside of that knowledge would have set your recording deal on another time-line. Acting outside of that knowledge is picking up the work of others, it’s picking up vibrations that do not support you, that do not support your greatest good and do not support that amazing jazz album that finally became a hit when you matched your vibration to its success.

Self-containment is the ability to stay within your unique vibration in the Universe, which is the only true job that you have, because it is when we are all doing this job that the Universe is in balance and the Earth thrives. Searching for answers from others, comparing yourself to others, worrying, or concerning yourself about the reactions from others are all acts outside of self-containment. Taking authority of how you feel, making decisions that are in your highest good and saying ‘no’ to others who attempt to place their burdens on you are all acts of self-containment.

I could propose many methods of getting back to your self-contained life, and I’ll give you this one to start. Today, go outside. Today, go look at the beauty of nature. Get up close to nature and look deeply within her structure, such as the veins in a leaf. Tell her how beautiful she is and own that feeling of beauty in your heart and soul. You’ll begin the process of eliciting only beauty in your feelings, words and deeds.

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