Embodiment of Love Part 2

Love is not a substance. Love is the experience of being completely connected to our Spirits to such an extent that we are able to freely give and express a truth so universal that everyone we touch feels the presence of their Spirits as well. In that state we know that all is well. In that state we embody the greater good for all and edge closer to greater possibilities.

Human-Beings are moving toward a state of the embodiment of love. They are moving into a state of complete connection with their Spirits; although, most human-beings are completely unaware that their life journey’s are designed to edge them closer to this state. By making this a conscious journey, the person edges closer to their natural state of bliss.

What stands in the way of this bliss? Everything not like the expression and consciousness of the Spirit stands in the way of bliss. Jealousy. Anger. Hopelessness. Fear. Beliefs in betrayal, unworthiness or pity. We cannot be betrayed. We are worthy beyond the mind’s wildest imagination. There is nothing to pity. The mind pities the condition that it sees before it, instead of seeing the beautiful and powerful soul experiencing the human-condition. To get out of the painful human condition, we must see the beauty and power that lies behind it and give strength to that, in order that we don’t strengthen the pain.

The mind qualifies into the humans experience exactly what it sees and believes. When we believe in beauty, self-worth and success, we become beauty, a vessel willing and able to accept the most worthy of possibilities and to exude the greatest of successes.

I met countless beings living the state of the embodiment of love during my near-death-experience. They once walked on the Earth. They overcame the human-mind that wished to qualify their experience as a fallen, repressed being without potential of complete bliss on Earth. They chose their inherent natural state of bliss and ascended to a dimension higher than the human mind currently witnesses. Yet, they can be seen by humans who choose bliss. Their message to humanity is to stop listening to the repressed mind of the collective conscious and start believing in your worth, your divinity and your purpose. Their message is to remember your authentic self, live your authentic self so that your mind, body and soul becomes light as a feather, ready and able to experience all possibility. Any thought that does not qualify the truth that you are worthy of unlimited love and powerful beyond measure is not you giving the thought. Those kind of thoughts must go to make space for your authentic self to blossom.

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