HEALING: Back Pain

My chronic back pain was healed through yoga and meditation 30 years ago. It was such a dramatic shift for me, one that didn’t require medical or instructor costs, that I must share.

Scoliosis and Spina Bifida and been one of my antagonists since an very early age. Severe stabbing pains in my side and back began keeping me awake some nights as early as the age of 11. It became abundantly clear that some sports activities greatly exaggerated this pain. Sports that pounded on my back, such as basketball or track, caused compression on my spinal column which sometimes so painful that I could not walk out of my school out of practice. I recall at least two times when classmates carried me out of the Junior High School to one of their nearby homes.

The pain and the inability to stick with many sports stayed with me through high school. At one point a back brace was suggested by a doctor. What teenage mind readily accepts living in a back brace? This teenager definitely did not. Chiropractic visits helped; yet, I was still caught off-guard many nights through college which became sleepless nights due to the awful pains that riddled my lower back and side.

Once out of college and working as a scientist, I hoped that the pain and sleeplessness would not interfere with my work. It did interfere. It interfered with how I felt, how I held hope, how I kept motivation in my mind and how much vigor I felt just to get to work and complete the day with excellence. It interfered with the way I was perceived.

As long as I could get through work without someone witnessing my flailing arms due to some type of electrical surge through my body, I felt I would make it in my job. Ever-so-often an electrical current surged from the bottom of my back upwards to my head and back down to its starting point. The pain was so obtrusive that I would lose control of my upper body. My arms would flail. My head would jerk. My mind shuttered. But, it was quick and the pain left almost quicker than it started. It was the embarrassment that bothered me the most.

The day I decided to take charge of this condition was the day I started to become free of this condition. It was the embarrassing flailing that urged me to make the decision. While placing quarters into a coke machine, a surge hit me. My upper body flailed like a drowning bird in a tsunami wave. It was quickly over, but I still had to turn around to loot at the colleague who stood behind me waiting his change to retrieve his own coke.

I made the decision at that moment. I would no longer allow this condition to give me such symptoms. The conditions of spina bifida and scoliosis might stay for awhile, but the symptoms of pain and flailing were going to leave. I had to become one with the condition. I had to take all of myself, my spirit into the source of my body to relieve it of its duties.

I began meditation that evening at the age of 21. I breathed into my body. I imagined Light coming in from my spirit into every crevice of pain in my body. I experienced a great relaxation within my body. My spirit said I could take this farther by moving the energy out of the ‘stuck’ spots by doing yoga moves while breathing and meditating. I breathed. I stretched. I brought the peace of my spirit into the aching parts of my body so they would relax and release. This practice released all of my symptoms, all of the pain. After 6-months of this practice, I never again experienced another symptom.

The key was in the understanding that energy is either moving or it is not. Gentleness to ourselves is required for the complete relaxation of the body. The presence of our spirits is required to remind the cells of our body to let go of its previous ‘condition’. My condition was healed through my spirit’s merging with my body. The cost was nothing. The reward was everything.

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