Honor: The Natural State of Relationships

Discord in the mental, emotional and physical bodies will remain until all relationships are restored to their natural state of honor.

I saw this from a much higher plane of existence when a diabetic attack catapulted me out of my body and on a journey that would give me enough lessons for a lifetime. This lesson on honor, which was actually a myriad of lessons within a giant lesson, is what I am on Earth to teach. I hope this blog helps you to re-establish your relationships in the state of honor.

Standing with millions of beings of Light, a Light not too distant from our own, I witnessed the reason that they had become beings of Light. They had once been just like our human selves and had taken a course of action that released them from suffering. First, they embodied Love. Love, is spirit completely in the body. Love makes us feel safe, makes us own our personal power and gives us the strength to continue moving upward on our journeys. When I met them, they were already the embodiment of Love. Therefore, there was no suffering. They were on an upward spiraling journey, at one with the expanding conditions of creation.

Suffering is the contracting part of creation. Fear, judgement and resistance puts us into a contraction mode, a state opposite to harmony in relationships.

For those beings of Light, being the embodiment of Love, they were able to see the highest path in every other being. This ability I call Honor and this ability is what humanity is striving to become. These Light-beings were at one ‘time’ physical, like humans. In their state of Light-bodies they are actively helping humans to take the upward spiraling journey, a journey that is destined to be taken. Until then humanity has unnecessary struggles.

The mental, emotional and physical are conscious networks for soul-expression. When clear, these channels work in their natural state and the individual is expressing their Divine Self. The person feels alive and happy, which attracts healthy partnerships. When the channels are not clear, it is difficult for the individual to witness the Divine in the other; and thus, they don’t honor the path of the other. Instead the person finds relationship challenges that give them ‘lessons’.

Furthermore, the discord in the relationship affects the mental, emotional and physical leaving the individual feeling ‘unsafe’ while in contraction mode. You might call it resistance, or running away, or anger. Whatever way you experience it, it is the unsafe feelings that keep the spirit from being completely in the body; and therefore, keep the being out of the true sense of Love. If the discord continues, the unhealthy state in which the individual acquires will eventually, and hopefully, compel the individual to find peace and restoration in their relationships. You see, no matter which path we choose, we will still be offered a chance to embody Love, which is a state of harmony, peace and freedom. However, continually choosing resistance just means continual ‘lessons’ or challenges to compel us back to our natural state of honor.

What if we let go of the discord and owned harmony? What if we just honored the path of the other? Since energetic information is constantly communicated in every relationship (down to the acquaintance relationships we might have with a bank teller or parking-lot attendant), if we share an energy based on fear, distrust or ego then we continue the path of separation from our divinity. Yet, if we keep our mental, emotional and physical bodies as clear as possible, and allow the sharing of the divine connection, harmony is the outcome. This type of communication is honor.

Having a complete sense of Self-Love, and staying clear with your soul-intentions, you will be able to see the Divine Path in the other. You will be able to allow that path for them, because it is working out for their highest good. As you make decisions that keep you feeling safe, and as you consciously decide to not be emotionally hurt by the other’s path, you will stand in the honoring of the Divine Plan. In this state your Light Body will step forth and will become your primary guide. You will begin responding to everyone in a manner that your Higher Self is responding to you. With gentleness. With Trust. With Light. And this information exchange within your relationship will begin restoring your being to your natural state of Divine Honor for your Amazing Plan Here on Earth!

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