I was 27 years old and having a very difficult and tiring pregnancy with my soon-to-be daughter Cheyenne. I was feeling particularly sorry for myself one day while lying in bed with my 1-year old son, Dakota, who was scooting around on the bed.

My only desire was to get out of bed and do my ‘work’. Not only did I feel responsible for how many felt and I wanted to help them with energy healings, I definitely was financially strapped and needed the money.

So there I lay in bed crying and complaining that the Universe is not supporting me.

To my surprise a bum appeared at the end of my bed. He wore a tattered robe and a grungy beard, his face dirty. I yelled out with serious disappointment that I had now attracted a bum as a spirit guide!

If I hadn’t already felt bad enough for myself, my self-pity just increased ten fold. I had grown up with what I call ‘big energies’ from the spirit-side, with guides along my side that I consider masters. And now, there was this bum.

I cried harder. He responded, “Michelle, I am a carpenter.”

That meant nothing to me and I continued to cry. He stepped closer and repeated, with a gentle smile that he was a carpenter.

At that age, with a lifetime of disliking Christianity and seriously questioning if Jesus really existed, I was shocked to see who this Being was when he took his last step toward me and locked his beautiful eyes to mine.

His message to me was to never have self-pity and that my ‘illness’ was a reminder of humility. He said that one of the first steps in becoming a true healer was learning humility. And then he vanished.

It did not matter that I had never believed in him. It mattered that I loved and that is the field in which he exists, a field of overwhelming Grace. He does not see hate or anger or blame, he just moves toward love and grace, and assists in awakening those who have turned their consciousness away from this field.

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