Psychic Healing Sessions with Michelle

Are you ready to learn more about your soul path and what it takes to be the most empowered, authentic you?

Are you looking for a energy balancing, a relaxing Reiki treatment or a consciousness awakening during your stay in Sedona, Arizona?

Book a personal session with Michelle by emailing

or text 928.963.1057

Offered over the phone, online & during your stay in Sedona, Arizona.

Costs reflect cash payment. Credit Card and PayPal payments accepted with a 10% additional fee.

30 min consultation:                                 1 free visit

60 min:                                                             $60

90 min:                                                             $90

120 min Reading + soul-chart:             $444

Transformational Healing Coaching Sessions:

$44 – $88 per session. See


Often the most powerful & useful message I receive is immediately upon speaking with a client. It is up to them to take the empowerment to further their lives . Try the free initial, no-obligation, consultation by e-mail or text. Consultations are offered in-person, online and over the phone.


Text message: 928.963.1057

Soul Path Readings


I connect to your soul and to your guardians to assist you in shifting toward your most authentic self. My readings help you to understand the journey of your soul. I focus on what can be left behind and your inherent gifts so that an opening is created to manifest your most empowered, happy and prosperous self. 

The 120-minute soul-path reading includes clairvoyance,  mediumship & your numerology chart. 90-minutes is an audio MP3 of your soul-path and 30-minutes is a one-on-one question & answer session either over the phone or in person.

Book your next Sedona psychic reading, a soul-path reading, by e-mailing me at

Transformational Healing

Birthing your authentic self brings your Light forth to dissolve what is in the way.  Your life, your journey, is actually a process of transformational healing, as healing is one purpose for being alive at this time. 

To awaken and transform to this authentic self, you can be a supreme observer of your journey, follow the signs as they appear on your journey and consciously shift to a receiving and expansive mindset. 

I offer bits of transformational healing in all of my sessions.  I work with every part of the Being, from physical and emotional to visionary and soul-group and more. Creating Forward is a process of going through each part of your Being to unlock the authentic you hiding inside. You can participate in my transformational healing sessions in several ways:

  1. Book a private session as described above
  2. Attend a group session or schedule a session for your group.
  3. Download an activation
  4. Attend a workshop or event
  5. Take a Creating Forward 10-month Transformational healing session.
  6. Become a teacher of Creating Forward (we teach what we are learning in life)