Psychic Reading with Michelle

Are you ready to learn more about your soul path and what it takes to be the most empowered, authentic you?

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Offered over the phone, Skype & during your stay in Sedona, Arizona.

20 min Reading:                                         $30

60 min Reading:                                         $90

120 min Reading + soul-chart:             $444


Often the most powerful & useful message I receive is immediately upon speaking with a client. It is up to them to take the empowerment to further their lives & see that they will need no more readings. Try a 20-minute reading to start, as that is often all you will need.


Soul Path Readings


I connect to your soul and to your guardians to assist you in shifting toward your most authentic self. My readings help you to understand the journey of your soul. I focus on what can be left behind and your inherent gifts so that an opening is created to manifest your most empowered, happy and prosperous self. 

The 120-minute soul-path reading includes clairvoyance,  mediumship & your numerology chart. 90-minutes is an audio MP3 of your soul-path and 30-minutes is a one-on-one question & answer session either over the phone or in person.

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