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Michelle is an author and speaker in the field of healing consciousness to heal life. She is a lifelong medium, a former scientist and the founder of Creating Forward, A Course in Consciousness. Much of her teachings come from her near-death-experience where she saw that anyone can heal their life by breaking through the shadow of humanity and her mission is to help people do exactly that. Visit to learn more.

Born a psychic-medium, Michelle is passionate about the affects of the spiritual part of our existence upon our lives. An ancient Master from Lemuria, Wo-Chi-A, has guided her since youth on what it takes to heal the body, mind and soul, with the soul being the primary vehicle for true healing. It is this Master who guided her to Sedona, Arizona to complete the ancient teachings.

Michelle is a Traditional and Karuna Reiki Master, a medical-intuitor, a transformational healer, and author and speaker. For nearly 30 years she has assisted clients in releasing that which hinders them from their purpose, their passions and their soul. She assists them in meeting their spirit guides and in developing their own inherent intuitive and healing skills.

Michelle is the founder of Creating Forward, a transformational healing course that uses the powers of the mind, voice and presence to awaken the authentic being hiding within everyone. This work, which is to dissolve the shadow around the mind of humanity, was given to Michelle in a 1999 near-death experience, that you can read about in-depth in Creating Forward, Book 1.

Michelle also has a background in science, mathematics, quality assurance, safety and training. She spent fourteen years in research and analytical chemistry, including working and training with a Fortune 500 Company to round out her life.

Michelle now focuses on her passions, the ability of our spirits to heal our lives, through her books, workshops and teachings. Prior to leaving the corporate world, she spent a day with the medicine man Ketut Liyer (pictured above), made internationally famous by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, bringing his teachings on joy and laughter into her work.

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