Write your journey. A chance to be a 1st-time author & a co-author with me happens by submitting Your memoir

Elephants Never Lie is a book series on the shadow (Elephant) that holds us back until we wake up to it and heal it. The 1st book is largely my personal memoir on the painful emotional journey that I called my life. I had to write that book to understand the emotional weights that I was carrying. I found these weights to be from early childhood, a disconnect from self-love, inherited emotions and past-lives. Dissolving this shadow freed me and changed my life in a most beautiful and profound manner.

The 2nd book in the series will be published by March 2021 and will contain a memoir of a bold, highly-intelligent, non-profit owner who grew up being told that she was stupid and incapable. Long into her adult life, after suffering repeated emotional and verbal abuse, as a continuation of the shadow from childhood, she discovered that she had a very high IQ, dissolved the shadow and profoundly changed her life and currently is helping others to do the same.

If you have never been an author; and yet, you have a story to tell, one of going from broken to bold, healing the shadow and emerging a spiritual warrior, please submit your story to me with the guidelines below.

  1. You must be willing to write 5 – 8 chapters (~25,000 – 55,000 words) of your memoir.
  2. Your writing does not have to be perfect, as it will be edited.
  3. You will start by submitting a 1-page synopsis of your story as a spiritual warrior to: Michelle@Creatingforward.com
  4. Each submission will be judged on story content, its power to positively affect people, and writing style.
  5. One submission will be chosen by June 21, 2020 for a book to be released in late 2021.