The Embodiment of Love

We are each on a journey to become the embodiment of love. It is a state-of-being in which people live in a dimension higher than ours. Imagine that this is our Heaven. Imagine that we are learning how to become this ‘Heaven’ through our earthly journeys. Imagine that this Heaven resides within and that every challenge we have is to remind us of this space and place. You have this Wisdom within you, this ability to be the Heaven that you wish to be. Let me guide you there as I explain my out-of-body experience to one beautiful corner of Heaven.

In a traumatic situation I left my body and traveled across space and time to see not only a piece of Heaven, but to witness our natural state. In our natural state the body and soul are one. We have forgotten this key element that heals all wounds.

When we are ‘in love’ we often describe a euphoria. I had a friend fall in-love on a cruise ship whose passengers were befallen with food poisoning. When the cruise ship made its early arrival back to shore, she was told that her and her boyfriend were one of the very few that did not get food poisoning. This ‘miracle’ or ‘coincidence’ or ‘luck’ was due to her being ‘in love.’

When we feel completely safe, we unknowingly allow the complete presence of our souls into our bodies. Unknowingly, we are overwhelmed with the connection to Source. We call this Love. We look at the other person and give descriptions to their looks or their kindness or their sense of humor; and yet, it is the feeling that matters and it is this feeling we want to hold onto.

We hold onto this feeling by keeping our soul present and we usually choose this state because we feel safe. As soon as we judge something that this other person has done to be unsafe, we unknowingly disconnect parts of our soul from our lives. This disconnection allows every type of disruption imaginable, including illness. I would guess that many people reading this have experienced a sickness simultaneous to a relationship break-up.

So, we experience a little bit of Heaven by falling in Love and we experience a little bit of hell by escaping from the essence of our being. It’s easy to blame the other person, but it is our only job in life to become the embodiment of Love. You’ve probably heard this exact notion as “Know Thyself.”

I attained infinite amounts of Wisdom when I witnessed those beings as already the embodiment of Love. One of the key understandings is how important each person is. You are extremely important to the Universe and to Heaven. I am speaking to your soul, the one that you often keep separate from your human-self out of fear. It’s not your fault. We’ve been handed lifetimes of consciousness of fear that have played out as every type of trauma that could happen to humanity. We are simply still tapping into it; and unknowingly, are still keeping ourselves apart from the one essence that heals all wounds.

Fill your heart with your soul. Be present. You are so very important as a part of the awakening and the balancing of this planet, and even Universe, that you are on a journey to become the embodiment of Love. Do not give yourself away.

There is a myriad of understandings and wisdom-teachings within this one principle. They touch much more than relationships and wellness. They touch mental and emotional health. They touch dealing with trauma and accepting each other and so much more.

I will blog more about this essence of healing and the details you can read in my upcoming 2020 books, The Creating Forward Series.


A nail in my tire. Leaking fluid around the engine. A home insurance bill that I forgot to pay; and therefore, my insurance had been cancelled. Not one ounce of me wanted to deal with these things. I had writing to do. I had to work. Make money. It was a dreaded day, a day that that led me to my own repairs.

First the nail. Driving to the tire shop I asked the Universe for support because my work, my writing had been going very slow. How will I ever make money when I’m moving at a turtle’s pace and having to deal with car troubles?

After 20 minutes of reading in the cold, stained chair of the tire-shop the lobby, the woman across from me spoke. She looked up from her knitting and called out to me, the unknown woman across from her. She said, “when you are starting out on a big project, you must go slow because any mistakes that you could make in a rush will go along with your entire project.” Of course, she was speaking of her knitting; yet, she was speaking to me.

After getting this message from the supportive Universe and after getting my tire fixed for free, since it was still under warranty, I headed to the insurance lady, with a drive ahead of me of about 28 miles with a climb of about 3000 feet.

The air was crisp and clean and the views spectacular. And, as usual, when I reached Flagstaff I turned left instead of going straight. Yet this time I kept driving, thinking that I’d eventually happen upon the insurance lady’s home. I got very off-track, at least that was my thought. I drove virgin ground to me. Nothing looked familiar, so I had to turn around. I took the chance at the 1st parking lot and lo and behold, it was a newspaper parking lot.

I had not reached out to any news agencies since publishing my first book. Three of my books laid on the back seat of my car, all intended to be placed in the mail to friends who had supported me during my journey to authorship. Could they have truly been intended for someone else? This thought carried in with me as I spoke to an editor. He took my book for review. The next thought that came to me was, “the next person who inquires about your book gets one of those books remaining in the back seat.”

I got hungry. I had to find my way back into town and forget the Insurance lady for awhile. Again, all turned around, I drove by a mechanic’s shop that I knew I couldn’t ignore due to the oil I believed may be leaking from my car. Their schedule was full, with no way of getting an appointment for my car. They gave me options, very pricey options. I replied, “I’m a newly published author. I don’t make the kind of money yet for those kind of repairs.” A lady waiting in the lobby spoke up. “I love books. What kind of books do you write?” So, you know where the 2nd of three books landed.

The manager of that mechanic shop was kind enough to spend 20 minutes with my car out in the parking lot. He had multiple flashlights, mirrors, sticks with mirrors and devices that I can’t describe. The leak was minor, nothing that needed to get fixed quickly. He and the shop refused to take any money from me.

I finally got the food I had been craving. I was in a better place to know how to get to the lady’s house. I almost passed it and slammed on my brakes. Several cars pounded their horns at me. But, I made it.

Once inside, and surrounded by her mounds of paperwork, the work of getting my home insurance renewed was painstakingly long. So I tried to make lots of conversation about the pictures on her desk and about any pets that she might have and about the brutal wind outside, speaking of the brutal cold pushing to creep in next.

She explained that she has much on her plate and insurance is only one of her jobs. She said she helps adult victims of childhood abuse. She said she helps people with low self-esteem, especially those who had been littered with bullets of fear in their childhoods. I tell her about my book and her head perks up from the computer. Her hands stop moving and her eyes turn toward me for the first time. “I’d love to use that book to help some of my people.”

Driving home with a bare back-seat, I make a quick swing into one of my favorite grocery stores. A thought arises that perhaps I should call a friend from back in Ohio who had attempted to call me while getting my first supportive message from the Universe that morning in the tire-shop. But, I couldn’t get out of my car to call because a lady stood against my car with her shopping cart. She’s on her phone. She turns to face me. She looks identical to my friend I’m thinking about calling. She even dawns an identical haircut. Once she has given me this unknown message and retreats, I call my friend. I shop. We laugh. She supports me and my book, completely.

I turn the wrong way leaving the grocery store parking lot. I notice a Barnes & Nobles bookstore. I quickly turn, hearing more honking horns. I don’t have a book to show the manager but he is able to pull it up in his system. And like that, my first book-signing is scheduled.

With such a supportive Universe around me, I couldn’t just rush back down the canyon and rush back home. I go to one of the most beautiful look-out points in America and just sit. I breathe in Mother Nature. I offer to take photos of couples. I meditate until the sun is about to set.

And passed by me was a day that I had dreaded. I forgot. I was completely at peace. I received the messages and the opportunities that the Universe provided from my asking. Every break-down is a chance for a repair. A repair of consciousness.

Welcome to My Winding Road, a Journey with Spirit

Iceland Winding RoadThe path may be long and winding, yet ushers us to our greater good! We are not living a journey; we are the journey.

You are a journey. You are being born into greatness. Each moment is a chance to take that step into who you are to become. Each moment is a chance to give birth to another bit of our authentic self.

Words can’t describe the immensity of truth that I saw in my near-death-experience, yet I try to put this into words so that the truth wins.

Ego wants to steal our chance to step into greatness. It does not want us to remember from where we come.  It does not want us to become great because it will die. The ego is not a single creation of one mind, one person. The ego was created by the collective consciousness and we have each tapped into a piece of it, identifying with it and believing in its repressiveness. Let go of what does not serve you. If the path is winding, it’s winding.  Whatever shows up is still the chance to remember the Light that you are.

My blogs are to remind people who they truly are. Spirit. My blogs are to help individuals remember their greatness. My blogs are to help get the ego out of the way so that the path clears and the curves straighten. My blogs are to remind that we are in control of the path.

This blog is a start. It’s a bit about my winding road. I hope you recognize some of yourself in it.

I wrote my first book while working 80 to 100 hours per week in the corporate world.  My heart wanted to put the workings of my soul into words.  My ego wanted to make money.  Therefore, I did both while yearning to move to Sedona, Arizona where I could write and heal, write and heal, write and heal.   I did move to Sedona and instead of writing and healing, I worked.  Well, Sedona forces the healing, the ‘waking up’ whether a person is doing their soul-calling or not. So, I have been healing, but now I’m focused on only the workings of my soul. As I do this, I’ll watch the Universe bring the money to be able to eat at the restaurants that my ego loves.  And, I’ll watch my ego diminish so that I have space to blossom.  These blogs are my ramblings of amazing events of the past, present and future that are the weaving of the Divine.  There is no separation between us and the Divine. We can either choose to retract and feel needy or fearful, or we can step up and claim the energies of the Divine weaving through us. This weaving got me here now, brought amazing beings into my life, from 3rd dimension and higher, and some day I’ll see my winding road as an airplane runway.

It all started where I grew up, in a small town north of Cincinnati, Ohio called Waynesville.  Waynesville may be the most haunted town in Ohio, as one book sites over 30 haunted houses, yet it doesn’t mention the house in which I grew up.  In retrospect, the ground on which my childhood home sat seems like a portal.  ‘Hauntings’ and the presence of other-wordly beings was almost daily.  Well into my teen years I had to sleep with all of my bedroom lights on, plus the stereo and the television just to drown out the noises of the spirits.  Some spirits were just attached to that land and living out some sort of life in another dimension. Yet some spirits were what I consider Masters (beings of a Light transcendent to the Earth) and it is these Masters that continue to drive me today.

I also had premonition dreams, especially of myself much later in life. Yet, the majority of my dreams were of places I had never seen before, not even on TV, such as cobblestone streets in little cramped villages not likened to the America in which I lived.  I later came to understand that the dreams were past-lives and mainly places and spaces in which I sort of left myself off.  Parts of me had become stuck from traumas in other lives.  Those traumas were being re-created in this life unconsciously in order to regain parts of myself.

One such issue was losing a kidney at the age of 11 and having severe back pain by the age of 13.  I refused to wear a back brace and instead decided to be done with all of these reoccurring pains in my 20’s.  I took up yoga and meditation and all symptoms were gone in 6 months. I became a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and a fire-walking instructor.   I had teachers for the Reiki, such as William Rand from the International Center for Reiki Training.  My teachers for meditation and yoga were only Masters in Spirit who would randomly make a guiding-appearance. 

So, my passion for healing from the inside out began.  My understanding of soul-healing is deep and universal since I went through it all myself with only help from the Masters in dimensions much higher than our own.

I have been doing Soul-Healing and Reiki for over 25 years and now focus on group-healing, especially through books and seminars. Elephants Never Lie has been published and two more books are in the works for 2020. Both titles will be revealed in early 2020. The Elephants series is fictional novels that lead people through emotions to untangle subconscious fears and return to freedom, the essence of soul-power. Each book in the Elephant series contains a true memoir of a person who has gone from broken to bold.

My winding road did include 14 years in science and research, with 11 of those years in the corporate world.  I appreciate that, as it taught me well.

And today from Sedona, I focus on leading others out of those dark areas of the consciousness that is hiding their inner light. I help them to get in touch with their souls, with their own Spirit and with Mother Earth through private and group sessions, writings, events and journeys.

I will end with the hearts of my heart.  I am a mother to 2 amazing adult children, a son and a daughter, many cats (all passed) and one dog (recently passed).  There is nothing more heart-warming than laughing with my children and of course watching them expand, grow, succeed and mainly LOVE. I live with the love of my life and soul-mate, a gentle, caring man who entered my life as described in Elephants Never Lie.

Thank you for reading about me and I send you all the best and Love on your spectacular journey! May all of the good that you have given others, be returned to you in spades!

Michelle Faith Lucas

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