The Embodiment of Love

We are each on a journey to become the embodiment of love. It is a state-of-being in which people live in a dimension higher than ours. Imagine that this is our Heaven. Imagine that we are learning how to become this ‘Heaven’ through our earthly journeys. Imagine that this Heaven resides within and that every challenge we have is to remind us of this space and place. You have this Wisdom within you, this ability to be the Heaven that you wish to be. Let me guide you there as I explain my out-of-body experience to one beautiful corner of Heaven.

In a traumatic situation I left my body and traveled across space and time to see not only a piece of Heaven, but to witness our natural state. In our natural state the body and soul are one. We have forgotten this key element that heals all wounds.

When we are ‘in love’ we often describe a euphoria. I had a friend fall in-love on a cruise ship whose passengers were befallen with food poisoning. When the cruise ship made its early arrival back to shore, she was told that her and her boyfriend were one of the very few that did not get food poisoning. This ‘miracle’ or ‘coincidence’ or ‘luck’ was due to her being ‘in love.’

When we feel completely safe, we unknowingly allow the complete presence of our souls into our bodies. Unknowingly, we are overwhelmed with the connection to Source. We call this Love. We look at the other person and give descriptions to their looks or their kindness or their sense of humor; and yet, it is the feeling that matters and it is this feeling we want to hold onto.

We hold onto this feeling by keeping our soul present and we usually choose this state because we feel safe. As soon as we judge something that this other person has done to be unsafe, we unknowingly disconnect parts of our soul from our lives. This disconnection allows every type of disruption imaginable, including illness. I would guess that many people reading this have experienced a sickness simultaneous to a relationship break-up.

So, we experience a little bit of Heaven by falling in Love and we experience a little bit of hell by escaping from the essence of our being. It’s easy to blame the other person, but it is our only job in life to become the embodiment of Love. You’ve probably heard this exact notion as “Know Thyself.”

I attained infinite amounts of Wisdom when I witnessed those beings as already the embodiment of Love. One of the key understandings is how important each person is. You are extremely important to the Universe and to Heaven. I am speaking to your soul, the one that you often keep separate from your human-self out of fear. It’s not your fault. We’ve been handed lifetimes of consciousness of fear that have played out as every type of trauma that could happen to humanity. We are simply still tapping into it; and unknowingly, are still keeping ourselves apart from the one essence that heals all wounds.

Fill your heart with your soul. Be present. You are so very important as a part of the awakening and the balancing of this planet, and even Universe, that you are on a journey to become the embodiment of Love. Do not give yourself away.

There is a myriad of understandings and wisdom-teachings within this one principle. They touch much more than relationships and wellness. They touch mental and emotional health. They touch dealing with trauma and accepting each other and so much more.

I will blog more about this essence of healing and the details you can read in my upcoming 2020 books, The Creating Forward Series.

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